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Before I get started, it's important to note that many activities within the Entropian Community have been established through trust in other players. 

Many successful websites, events, and community funds have had successful runs over the many years without any major problems.

Regardless of this success, there is always people like Corey Chappell ..... AKA StevieB

Player Harassment


StevieB decided he wanted to try his new sticky finger scheme by copying successful website platforms, but decided to remove securities that help prevent fraud.  When a users pointed out this flaw, he decided to blame users instead of accepting his own mistakes. I will show you this isn't the only time he blamed other for his failures, and there are many.

Not only can he not accept the fact that he doesn't know how to run a successful business, he decides to lash out at players in a childish manner. He often does this in front of new players. This not only shows how idiotic he is, but also that he doesn't care about the impression new players get about the game.

Multi-Level Scamming


StevieB isn't even an original name, and much like his new website address, has been directly copied from other popular names. Corey is so fake in his own life, that he can't even be original in his Digital life.

The new website, (Direct copy of the name is SetvieB's latest attempt at manipulating users, and taking advantage of their time and efforts. He continuously claims to be a person of charity, who graciously offers users the chance at earning free PED. But here I will outline his previous attempts at harming the Entropian community, and expose him for the liar and thief that he is.

Learn more below as we enter the life of Corey Chappell


Posted Saturday, April 6th 2019, 11:03 PM CDT


" Oklahoma City Police arrested Corey Chappell on a complaint of murder.

Police say Chappell and Kody Jones got into a fight on Chappell's front porch on March 30, in the 1600 block of SW 123rd Street. 

Officers say that’s when Chappell shot Jones. "

Original Article: 

It seems likely that Kody was lured into this position of being on Coreys door step that night.

It seems likely that Kody was lured into this position of being on Coreys door step that night.




It appears that things went from his ex girlfriend recovering her belongings, to an argument, to Corey shooting Kody.

Unstable Part 1


Corey appears to have a history of lashing out, much like he has done within the Entropian community.

Unstable Part 2


By his own admission, he has a "Psychotic Violent Side" which he appears to openly use on people he doesn't know.

Sexual Predator


"If I could do it over i'd make her F**** zoe just because that's about what she deserves" - Zoe is his ex's daughters name.

Sick Minded and Unstable


The comment provider here explains who zoe is.

It's quite clear that Corey, AKA StevieB has issues that dive into multiple levels of crazy.

Multi-level Scammer


The Religion Scam

What appears to be the first official scamming technique used by StevieB himself, is the religion styled concept of a community fund, where users can submit their items to sell at TT value which allows the fund to product profit which they use to help their members.

Considering I have never actually heard of this website, I assume that it either never became very popular, or was forgotten about. It's located here: should this link go down, we have images of every page.


The Forum Scam

There is a 2 page forum posting on the Calypso forums that shows more about StevieB's true characteristics. This was apparently another attempt of his at stealing from the community, and it appears to have been successful. The amount of money he stole is currently unknown. If you have specific numbers, please contact us.

Take note of  how he treats the people trying to get information.

Forum Post:


Sketchy Business

Any time a new player comes across something they don't fully understand, and tries to make money from it, we get things like this forum post. Where or how he actually got the accounts or skills he is selling is unknown, but his lack of knowledge is exposed when listing his sweating skills as a purchasable skill.

Forum Post:!-Discounts-available! 


Zero Real Experience

Take a look at this photo I acquired off his web server, which he thought was secure (It's not lol ).

It's pretty clear to see that while some of his skills are decent, he doesn't have enough total skill points for those skills to come through the actual process of earning the skill.

It's our belief that he simply chipped into the game using the money he stole from his original scams. He might of even got them from his failed attempt at selling another accounts skills.


The Fool

"A fool think himself to be a wise man, but a wise man think himself to be a fool"

StevieB has long boasted his experience and dedication to the community. But the truth is obvious, he's only here for personal gain at your expense.

His account is to young to reach these levels through natural playing, which is of course the only true way to learn a game, and it's systems. He has leaned heavily on others to back him for knowledge, but they too have started to abandon him.


The Latest Scam

StevieB noticed the recent success between two competing PED earning websites and decided he wanted to extend his scamming into a new market. He constantly remarks about the terrible quality of his two competitors, yet built his website using the open source Wordpress.

We gained access and downloaded his database, and the above two pictures in under an hour. Sorry StevieB,  you've been hacked, and don't even know it.

Understanding The Impact

Every time a player like Corey Chappell steals from another player it negatively impacts the community tools created to help new players stay within the game of Entropia.

Actions like this create distrust in those who work many hard hours helping the community they love.

MindArk, We formally request the removal and banning of Steve StevieB Braggs to include all future accounts, and all known accounts.

If you are a community member, please file a support ticket and include the link to this website.

Request that MindArk take the evidence presented here and take action.

HARASSMENT and scams






















I hope that you see by now, StevieB is a two sided thief looking to steal your time, money and fun.

He's hot headed, and is constantly making a fool of himself.

You might have noticed a trend, he NEVER takes the blame for his fuck ups.

Everything is the fault of someone else.

Ever notice how he talks about selling real estate?

Here's his failed business website: 

We hacked that too, guess what? It hasn't been updated in a long time and gets almost zero visitors each month.

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The Turth About StevieB - Evidence Report